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Jon Hastings, DDS, Carson Dial, DMD, and our professional team will go above and beyond your expectations at our Boise, ID dentist office. Check out our happy patient testimonials below to see for yourself!

We will listen to your concerns and help you achieve your smile goals with a variety of dental services.

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I've been coming to this practice my whole life. My parents brought me here when I was really young, and I loved it growing up, and it's something that I just appreciate the feel here. It's kind of hometown, friendly. And so when I got married, I had my husband come here and so now our family's ...

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I had crowns previously, but with age those things deteriorate. I had to have some new crowns put on. He made a different suggestion to me in reducing what I had and going with a different type of a crown. It has been the best. He's done quite a bit of restoration in my mouth. I wear some new teeth ...

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I was experiencing a little bit of soreness on a tooth. I wasn't too concerned because I'd already been in for a clean, and they said, "There's a tooth that has a little decay." I had an appointment made and a couple, three weeks later it abscessed and my jaw starts swelling up. So I called and ...

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Several years ago, I was Friday night, 11:30 at night, and I was eating a frozen chocolate goo-goo cluster. My tooth broke and came out underneath my crown, this tooth right here. I had no tooth. I called him on Friday night at 11:30. He met me in the office 10 o'clock Saturday morning and he fixed ...

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