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Are damaged teeth preventing you from eating your favorite foods? Do your missing teeth make you feel self-conscious in front of the camera? If you’re ready to get your strong, beautiful bite back, contact your top Boise, ID dentist at Times Square Dental for a variety of restorative dentistry options!

Top-notch Boise, ID dentist Jon Hastings, DDS, Carson Dial, DMD, and our compassionate team offer several options to revive your confident bite.

We will always explain your restorative dentistry options clearly so you can make the decisions that are best for you. Call our Boise, ID dentist office at 208-329-6507 to learn more!

Tooth Fillings

If you have a cavity, we will clean out the decay and restore your tooth with a tooth filling. We offer two types of tooth-colored filling materials: composite and glass ionomer.

We will discuss your specific case and the advantages of each material with you. Then we’ll get to work!

Root Canals

Thanks to modern restorative dentistry techniques, root canals are no more uncomfortable than a simple tooth filling.

If decay has penetrated your enamel and started to affect the soft tissue and nerves inside your tooth, we will remove the infection and protect your tooth from further decay.

Dental Crowns And Bridges

A dental crown completely caps the visible portion of your natural tooth, strengthening it and preventing further damage or decay.

Or, if a tooth is completely missing or severely damaged, we can replace it using a dental crown attached to a dental implant! And thanks to our state-of-the-art E4D PlanScan system, we can custom-make your crown in a single visit!

Dental bridges fill the gaps in your smile left by one or more adjacent missing teeth. We give our patients the option of:

  • Traditional bridges held in place by surrounding teeth
  • Dental implant-supported bridges

If you have a cavity too large for a tooth filling, we also offer partial dental crowns, called inlays and onlays.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Even if you need to replace all of the teeth in your mouth, we can help you with a full-mouth reconstruction.

As with most of our services, we give you options. A popular service is our All-on-4® dental implant procedure, which securely replaces an entire arch of teeth using just four dental implants!

If your jawbone is not strong enough for traditional implants, we can also replace teeth using dentures supported by mini dental implants.

Comfort Options, Dental Anxiety Relief

We love getting to know our patients so we can better serve you and help make you comfortable. To help relax you while we work, we have ceiling-mounted flat-screen TVs in every care room.

We can also help relieve your dental anxiety with a variety of dental sedation options.

Turn back the clock on your bite! Call Boise, ID dentist in Times Square Dental at 208-329-6507 to schedule your restorative dentistry consultation! You can also use our online form.

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