Why You Might Prefer Dental Implants To Dentures [BLOG]

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Maybe one knocked out tooth isn’t going to turn your life upside down.

But leaving the empty space there certainly can.

That’s because the large hole that’s left is a breeding ground for infection, which can eat away at the surrounding tissues, cause your gums to recede, your remaining teeth to loosen.

And you can guess where we’re going with this.

Tooth loss is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as soon as you can with a team of skilled professionals.

You’ll find that at Times Square Dental in Boise, ID!

We’re here to help you find replacement solutions that will let you enjoy your life as you envision it.

Today, let’s take a look at dental implants and what makes them a great choice!

Why Dental Implants Are Often The Top Choice

With one missing tooth, a dental bridge may be just fine.

That’s just three dental crowns bonded together, with the middle crown serving as your new tooth, with the adjoining two covering the teeth on each side.

Now, that all depends on your own oral health needs and situation, but a bridge would require some modification of two healthy teeth.

If you can avoid that and get a dental implant instead, it could offer you a stronger bite and healthier mouth long-term. That’s because it gives you an actual root replacement that will ensure the health, strength, and stability of your jawbone and adjoining teeth.

Why You Might Prefer Implants Over Dentures

If dentures didn’t work for so many tooth loss patients, they wouldn’t still be offered at nearly every dental practice in the country.

But they do have limitations and drawbacks that some people just can’t get on board with, and for good reason.

Although they’re customized to fit your mouth snugly and comfortably, here are some of the common reasons patients might prefer dental implants over dentures.

*Limited Function*

A truly skilled dentist who has the experience and technology can make dentures look beautiful and natural.

The only problem is that they sit on your gums and stay in place as well as the best adhesives will allow.

But that means you have to limit your food choices to only the softer foods that you can easily chew and swallow. It does create digestion and nutrition deficiencies, both of which will affect your health on a bigger scale.

Standard dentures do work, certainly, but the limited function does turn many patients off and inspires them to seek stronger alternatives.

*Embarrassing Slips*

So you restrict your diet to softer foods, and even then, you deal with the loss of the sensory pleasure of eating because your palate is covered by the denture.


Well, not really.

But fine. Now you experience shifts because your dentures are starting to become loose. It happens, and in fact, that’s another drawback. You have to keep returning to the dentist for fittings or replacement dentures.

They say you’re as young as you feel, but how young would you feel if you were gathered at the dinner table and your dentures slip or fall out in front of everyone?

Not very, we’d imagine. You know your family and friends wouldn’t care, but you would. It’s an awkward, embarrassing problem anyone would love to avoid if they could.

*Potential Infections*

As if imagining the risk of embarrassing slips weren’t enough to illustrate the problem, there’s also the risk for potential infection with standard dentures. It’s not uncommon to get irritated gums or mouth sores from the constant pressure they put on your gums.

And anytime there’s a sore in your mouth, there’s always a threat of harmful bacteria infecting your tissues.

Call Now For A Consultation!

The decision is one that’s best made with a skilled, experienced dentist, like Dr. Hastings or Dr. Dial. Both are highly-qualified and can help you choose the best way to replace your missing teeth and preserve your healthy smile.

To schedule your tooth replacement consultation in our Boise, ID dental office, call Times Square Dental today at 208-329-6507 fill out our convenient online form.

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